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Every day Women's Legal Service gives much needed support and advice to women suffering from violence and abuse. But they also have to turn away thousands of women every year because of chronic underfunding.

We all need to do our bit to ensure that vulnerable women and children have access to legal protection that will keep them safe from harm. It's a question of justice.


You can Help Fund The Answer by donating directly to Women's Legal Service or by setting up your own fundraising page, encouraging friends and family to donate.


Workplaces and community groups can also set up a fundraising page for their own organisation, encouraging staff, members or clients to join in and support the Women's Legal Service campaign.

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The Women's Legal Service Inc. is endorsed as having Deductible Gift Recipient status with the Australian Taxation Office for the purpose of receiving tax deductable donations. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. The Women's Legal Service Inc. is sanctioned to fundraise for a charitable purpose under the Collections Act 1966 (Qld).



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  • Sandra Sorbello Be the change you wish to see... $1,095.00
  • Virginia Barrios Set aside your politics and please think of the people who need this unique form assistance $830.80
  • Kara Cook Kara's WLS Fundraising Campaign $190.00
  • Elissa Jenkins Help Fund The Answer - It's a question of justice for women and children $100.00
  • Elissa Jenkins Nat's Page $50.00

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  • Women's Legal Service Inc
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Project24 $700.00 This is for Project24
Kathleen Daly $50.00 This donation is on behalf of Project 24
Sarah Kurth $50.00
Marcia Dowden $30.00
Project 24 $950.50 This donation is on behalf of Project 24
Anonymous $50.00
Philip Crisp $100.00 Hi Jonty, If you are supporting this I am sure it is a great cause.
Excedo Project Services $20.00
Carolynn Gracie $20.00
Astrid Trouw $500.00
Anonymous $10.00
Anna Thompson $50.00 This is my Christmas gift to my fantastic colleagues Denise, Telisa, Andrea and Hedley.
MCI Australia $90.00 MCI Australia is proud to support the Women's Legal Service
Jane Leach $50.00 Hi there, I've shared your fundraising page on my Facebook page to help spread the word. Keep up the great work! Jane
Johnson Page $30.00
Emily Booth $30.00
Meredith Furrer $50.00
Chelsea Cross $50.00
Anonymous $325.00 On behalf of the 3 month old baby whose young mother, a student in Brisbane, was murdered by her defacto partner in 2011.
Rachel Neil $100.00 Keep up the important work!
Anonymous $500.00 Family Violence should not be kept secret. Nor should the great work of this vital service for women and children across Qld.
Jacqueline Avetisoff $100.00 Organisations that help disadvanaged people need support from the public. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous $250.00
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $50.00
David and Elizabeth Carey $100.00 We are making this donation in lieu of Christmas gifts to some family members because we believe the Women's Legal Service does a great job and should be supported.
etsuko Kamishima $30.00 fund this when i try to ask for a support. women have to stand up to ourself for the children no matter what.
Anonymous $100.00 The Women's Legal Service helped me several times in my time of need as I was too wealthy to receive any Centrelink benefit, and yet my husband had tied up all the money so I couldn't access any bank a/c, so I was homeless and destitute. Their advice and especially support was invaluable to me. Thank you once again.
Anonymous $30.00
Judy-Joy Ridgway $30.00 Please keep going, don't give up the public will come to your aid, thank goodness the Sunday Mail published the story.
Anonymous $20.00
Megan Tyson $50.00
Carly Hanson $30.00
Anonymous $30.00
Anonymous $500.00 This is such a good cause and the Government should become more involved in supporting community organisations like this.
Alison Green $50.00
Mark Chapman $30.00
Sandra Sorbello $100.00
Sally McCarthy $30.00
Anonymous $30.00
Shirley Battrick $50.00 This wonderful group helped me when I needed it but there are so many more women still needing help.
Anonymous $10.00 Thank you for all the wonderful work you do to help women and children be safe from violence.